PART OF THE SQUAD You're the reason this project is getting made and we want to make sure you're part of the team. As a member of our community, you'll receive access to the Apocalypse Now team throughout development. This will include interviews with the team members in which they'll discuss what they do and how the game is being made, as well as influences from film, music, historical research, and other games.

TOP-SECRET CLEARANCE As a backer, you'll have access to internal planning documents, budgets, progress reports, design and milestone documentation, and much more. We'll be hosting frequent Q&A sessions with our leads and livestreaming from our production facility. We don't just want to make a game, we want to expose you to as much as the process so that you can truly participate.

OPEN BORDERS On our team, communication is not just from us to you. We're making this game for you and we want you to help us make it as immersive as possible. From gameplay ideas to character notes to aspects of military authenticity, we want to hear it all. And for those of you who participated in the Vietnam War or know someone who did, we especially want to hear those stories.

MULTIPLE INCOMING If you've pledged to one of our physical reward tiers, we don't want you to have to wait throughout the entire game development process to have that poster, t-shirt, or film prop that proudly shows the world you're part of our team. We'll be preparing these items through the process and you can expect to receive several packages from us.

MAKE IT YOUR MISSION Enter into a game world of allies, enemies, and the unknown. Make the choices that will define your experience and your version of Captain Willard. Whether you play as a warmongering tyrant or a silver-tongued operator, you'll receive feedback that shows how your decisions affect the characters and conflict around you.

OUTFIT YOUR CREW On the Nung River, your vessel is known as Erebus, a Greek primordial deity that personifies deep darkness and shadows. You'll have the ability to customize and outfit this vessel and its crew with a variety of authentic weapons and accessories. This will help define how they and others along the river see you.

FIND COLONEL KURTZ Once you find the Colonel, the rest is up to you.

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