The Crew

Rob Auten has served as a lead writer on video game franchises like Gears of War and Battlefield, as an experience designer for Disney, and as a creative director on several forthcoming VR projects. As an entrepreneur, he is working to create an operating system for immersive experiences with the team at

Lawrence Liberty is a multi-generational leader in the Southern California game industry. He has studio and publisher executive experience; including international executive roles. He has managed as many as ten productions at once. He has directly managed teams as large as 125 people. He is a true expert in the areas of roleplaying and multiplayer. He has shipped over 70 million units that have generated nearly four billion dollars of gross revenue. He is also a master project lead when it comes to developing or extending game engines and technology. On the personal front, he loves both pen and paper and computer RPGs. He’s spent more hours playing The Witcher 3 than any other man on the face of the Planet Earth. Titles in which he held an executive producer, studio director or lead role include DC Universe Online, Fallout: New Vegas, The Witcher, and many Dungeons and Dragons titles.

Montgomery Markland obtained his Bachelor of Science in Film at the University of Texas – Austin. On the interactive side, Markland designed, produced or directed video games for Atari, Sega, THQ, Ubisoft, Obsidian Entertainment, Killspace Entertainment and inXile entertainment. His work includes being a producer on two of the most successful crowdfunding titles of all time: Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera. On the live-action side, Montgomery studied acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse and wrote & directed his first feature film Malibu Road in 2014-2015 slated for a theatrical run, as well as release on many VOD platforms in 2017.

Josh Sawyer is the Design Director at Obsidian Entertainment and is operating in an advisory capacity in the area of gameplay design.

The Partners

American Zoetrope American Zoetrope (also known as Zoetrope Studios from 1979 until 1990) is a privately run American film studio, centred in San Francisco and founded by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas. Opened on December 12, 1969, American Zoetrope was an early adopter of digital filmmaking, including some of the earliest uses of HDTV. The studio has produced not only the films of Coppola (including Apocalypse Now, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Tetro), but also George Lucas's pre-Star Wars films such as THX 1138, as well as many others by avant-garde directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, Akira Kurosawa, Wim Wenders and Godfrey Reggio. Four films produced by American Zoetrope are included in the American Film Institute's Top 100 Films. American Zoetrope-produced films have received 15 Academy Awards and 68 nominations.

Framestore Ventures is the internal incubator and venture division of the Academy-Award winning visual effects company Framestore. Leveraging 1500 creative and technical staff in five cities, Ventures combines homegrown talent and strategic partnerships to develop original IP across many media, with a diverse content slate ranging from TV shows, video games and realtime animation to live experiences, virtual and augmented reality.

Ringling College of Art and Design RCAD is a private four-year accredited college located in Sarasota, Florida. They collaborated with Markland on early visual prototypes of an Unreal Engine 4-rendered Apocalypse Now.

Stoutlight Inc. is a multimedia distribution company based out of Dallas, Texas which is distributing Malibu Road in 2017 and providing Markland’s services on the Apocalypse Now game.

Malibu Road Pictures LLC is a multimedia company based out of Hollywood, California which has produced both live action & interactive entertainment including Malibu Road, Wasteland 2, Torment : Tides of Numenera and Synthicide

Baby Bears Pictures LLC is a video game design & production company based out of Escondido, California which has provided Liberty’s services on a variety of titles including the Apocalypse Now game.

47 Communications is an entertainment & media marketing & PR firm which has worked with many Crowdfunding projects, Bethesda, Riot Games, Start Engine, Crowdstar, Epic Games, Fullscreen and many other successful entertainment and digital media companies on the forefront of interactive technology and experiences.

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